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Imprint of the moment

Mandala is a unique timeless symbol of balance and an unlimited source od energy. We all belong to an energy ocean, within which we are connected by fine fibres. All it takes is to focus our attention on energy in a certain direction (for example on a specific person, animal, situation, etc.) and "read" their own vibrations. We can help each other, regardless of distance and time. 

We combined two abilities - the ability to connect with the ability of intuitive drawing.

Watch the video of who we are, how the project was created and why we enjoy it so much. (in czech)

What can you expect?

As every person is unique, a specific mandala is also individual and unigue, for a given situation and person. It's created to harmonize, soothe, stabilize and sort out problems.

No one is ever going to have the same mandala.

Why and how to use this unique mandala of yours? For example: 

- before an exam
- when you feel unsatisfied
- when you are exhausted
- when you feel sad
- when you feel lonely
- when you are stressed out and       tense
- when you are recovering from an injury or a disease
- when you feel unhappy all the time
- when you are before an important race
- when you feel pain or anxiety
-  when you feel everything is falling apart
- when you are upset because of a break-up
- when you feel al sorts of fear
- when you are grumpy
- when you have a physical problem
- when you deal with family or business relationships/issues
- or just for pleasere🙂


Or simply in every situation of yours that you either dislike or it keeps coming back.

What do we need from you?

Your first name, date of birth (not necessary for animals), and a filled-in form.

After we recieve your data, we will send you an email with a price and a bank account number.

After recieving your payment, in max 3 days you will obtain your "FITTED HEALING  MANDALA - MADE OF PAPER AND LOVE" .

How to use such a mandala?

After recieving an email with a unique individually fitted mandala, (either yours or your pet's), you can print it out or use it as a wallpaper on your phone/computer. It is important to let your mandala work energetically and spread its vibrations for at least 5 minutes a day, until you feel better. You can also put it under your pillow.

When are you going to feel the vibrations of your mandala?

It works all the time you have it on yourself. Sensitive people can feel a flow of energy, relaxation, and even dizziness or strange feelings. All these signs are OK. Don't forget to drink a glass od water your mandala is in effect.

Let the " FITTED HEALING MANDALA MADE OF PAPER AND LOVE" bring you joy and welfare. Good luck!


What will you get from us?
Take a look at samples of finished mandalas

for Veronika🌸​


Exhaustion, restlessness, hardness, fatigue, weight, physical pain inside the chest, permanent pressure in the stomach area, time pressure, aversion to sex.

Characteristic features:

Inability to resolve conflicts, rather circumvention. Hiding problems behind a smiling face. He can't say NO.

Emotions cannot be expressed too much, in the corner more crying and subsequent anger .. she likes children, she admires her parents - especially her father.

Regularity in the diet will benefit, at least 3 times a week broths. Movement, best expressed through dance, the company of relaxed people👍


Mandala message:

No need to rush things ..

Relaxation, the possibility of breathing, the release of pain in the chest area, (feminine principle) the power to reject the demands of the environment, lightness, the opportunity to see the situation in kind to yourself❤️

for Ondra🍃

Pressure, crossroads of life, inner pain, defending one's decision, self-denial, guilt, neck pain, headaches

Characteristic features:

There is enough time for everything, then stress.

He doesn't like to leave people in trouble, sometimes at the expense of himself. He can't turn his head off. He loves harmony, tenderness, he likes women, he is still such a boy. He likes sweets - the favorite is chocolate. He believes in the goodness of humanity, the dreamer.

Be careful not to skip meals, especially hot, roasted vegetables, rice. Don't forget about breakfast


Mandala message:

Going to the action, moving .. ending life change,

persevere in decision, inhale, long exhalation..release of blockage in the area of the cervical spine, harmonization of the area of the center of the body, support of digestion.

Internal reassurance that I am on the right path🍃

Every mandala is created
handmade to measure
directly for you

Watch an timelapse video of the whole process.

Order your own healing mandala.


What do we need from you?

Fill in your first name, your e-mail and date of birth (not required for the animal)

to the form below. After we receive the data, we will send it to you

e-mail with a bank connection.

Your personal tailor-made mandala costs CZK 2300,-

After receiving payment, your "healing mandala made to measure - out of love and out of paper"we will send it within 3 days at the latest.

How much does a mandala cost?

Healing mandalas
Order form

Thank you for your order

We are looking forward
to creating together

Dagmar a Adina

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